Evelyn R.
I have had a nice experience, good service, everything clean, very professional and good people too

Stephanie M.
Dr. An is a diamond in the rough. She is incredibly thorough, and her passion for taking care of her clients comes through in all she does. Not only that, her staff shares her exuberance and gentle touch for looking after all their clients. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a new dentist in SF or on the Peninsula as she has two locations and I’ve been to both!

Christopher G.
Dr. An has been a friend and trusted professional managing my dental needs. She advises me clearly and precisely, offers options, and then, most importantly, proceeds with the process gently and supportively. I feel lucky to have someone I can rely to take care of my teeth, because I bounced around through dentistry up until the point in my life when I connected with Dr. An. Sincere thanks!

I love Dr. Ann hands. She is always very kind and passant with her clients. She is very professional and detailed. She would treat you the way as you want to be treated.

Dr.An is a good dentist, she always help me to take care of my tooth.

Felipe M.
Great service and clean atmosphere. Nice people too.

I am thankful to have visited Dr. Angela Duan. She gave me valuable tips and strategies for taking care of my teeth. I had problems with plaque building up despite regular tooth brushing and I was worried about my gums gradually receding. Dr Duan was very knowledgeable and easily diagnosed, provided treatment options, and preventative measures. Overall, my teeth hygiene has since improved and continued to onwards thanks to Dr. Duan. I highly recommend her as her expertise made a significant difference in my oral health. No regrets and will plan to see her again on my next visit! See you soon Dr. Duan 😊

Debora S.
I recently had the good fortune to meet Dr. Angela An, DDS. I needed to make a decision on having a two-unit crown placed and was looking for a new dentist. Dr. An and her terrific office manager/dental assistant June, were the perfect, right match for me! Dr. An has a wonderful, calming and kind approach to her work. She is also extremely skilled and competent. She explains exactly what will take place and gives you her knowledge and reassurance that you can count on. I was very pleased with my whole procedure, zero pain or discomfort throughout, and the end result was just what I had hoped for.June is warm, professional and very adept at working with the insurance providers, as well as assisting Dr. An with dental procedures. Like I said, I feel very fortunate to have found this practice! Many thanks to Dr. An and June!!!

Gina H.
Yesterday was my first time seeing Dr. An. I was a nervous wreck! I am bad and this was the first time seeing the dentist in about 6 years! I was so anxious I literally sat in the chair and started crying. What a baby lol. She was so calming and sweet and made the whole thing so easy. When she numbed my gum I never even felt the stick. Her technique was awesome! I have a lip piercing that messed up my gums above one tooth and she gave me a filling that not only was painless but made my pain go away. I was so relieved and totally smiling when I left….well, I think I was smiling but my lip was numb so maybe it was a little crooked but needless to say I am a very HAPPY new patient of Dr. An. I will be referring her to all my friends and family! She taught me how to floss better and didn’t even lecture me at all! You will not be disappointed! Thank you Dr. An!

Cyn L.
Dr. An is a WONDERFUL dentist, educator, and friend of the community, who insightfully shares with you her knowledge for optimal dental hygiene and self care. Her professional, warm, and stern for-your-good-please demeanor makes me look forward to my dentist appointments as I know she is looking out for me! Each visit becomes memorable because of her diligence and openness, along with fun quibbles and jokes with June (her delightful assistant), and I certainly feel strongly that she has expertly improved my general well being in the last 2 years I’ve seen her. More importantly, I leave with a constantly better understanding of how my body and teeth work, how to optimise my dental daily routine, and set myself up for success in the long run. Alas, I’m only human and I will probably need to continue seeing her for future fixes, but I know I’m in very good hands. P.S. the very big differentiator that you’ll notice upon first visit is HOW she teaches you. It’s not just a simple command of “brush more”; she’ll show you where and how with a small mirror, and have you interactively participate with her in the care process. She helps you become your own trusted source.

Omar A.
I was referred to Dr. An through my girlfriend who started going to her a couple weeks ago. I was a bit nervous to visit the dentist since it’s been a couple years and nearly every time I go they find something. They took X-rays on my first visit to see what was going on. I was relieved that I didn’t have any cavities.(Yay!) Dr. An was extremely thorough with my cleaning and even went through my flossing habits step by step to make sure I was doing it right. I definitely plan on doing all my cleanings here.

Emmanuel N.
Dr An is a terrific dentist that is willing to go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied. She’s always happy to answer and encourage questions while explaining every step of the way. Her appointments are extremely thorough and informative which has improved my dental health almost immediately after my first visit. June is also one of the most genuine people to talk to. She always tries to find you an answer and is always helpful. Her charisma is infectious and such a pleasant person to see when you first walk in. You will be treated like family and never feel unwelcome in this environment!

Mark D.
Dr. Angela An, DDS is the best dentist I have ever had. I’ve never been more knowledgeable about my dental health and how that impacts my over all health. Angela takes the time so that you have a full understanding of your options and the differences between them. Aside from her professionalism, Angela is the most caring and personable dentist on the Peninsula. I have never looked forwrd to going to the dentist, I do now! Give her sweet and funny assistant “June” a call and set up a time to improve your health.

Anya K.
Dr. An has been my dentist since before I had teeth!I always enjoy my visits to her. She is so friendly and engaging! She always asks me about my life and remembers the details of our conversations at my next visit. Besides being a great friend, she is also an incredible dentist. I always get complimented on my smile and, honestly, it is because of Dr. An’s work. She keeps me accountable and gives me tips to help me stay on top of my oral hygiene. Thank you Dr. An for being the best!

Heidi S.
Dr. An truly is apart of my life path. As a patient of Dr. An for over 30 years, she truly has her patients teeth and health always at the forefront of her practice. Dr. An is clear, throughout and my teeth always feel amazing when I jump out of the chair! The other benefit of going to Dr. An is that she constantly is thinking of her patients I have never felt that any of her recommendations or diagnosis have ever been overpriced or without merit. Her staff is also amazing and I always feel very taken care of in the SF office. Her office manager is one of the best too! The office is in a very central location in Union Square so it’s very easy to get to from all areas of the city too and if you live outside of the city she also has another office in San Mateo that is great if you are not nearby her main office. In my mind its a win win to go to Dr. An and I will continue to see her every 6 months! Thank you Dr. An!!

Heidi S.
Dr. An is truly a dentist from another era – she cares so much not only about your teeth, but also about your overall well being and what is going on in your life overall. This is what a family dentist was – today, you see a dentist for maybe 4 min to diagnose any issues, not with Dr. An. She will explain everything that is done or needs to be done in detail so that you understand what you need to do (She is consistently telling me “Heidi floss”)!! As a patient of Dr. An for 30 years, I have seen our lives grow and change, but the one thing that has stayed the same is her dedication to her family practice. I love the second location Dr. An opened because I recently moved away from the city and this San Mateo location is very easy to find parking and her office is state of the art and a place you want to be, especially if you need to get a filling or more taken care of. I can’t say enough great things about Dr. An – definitely make it a point to try this dentist out if you live in or around the Peninsula – you will not regret it!

Darrell T.
Dr. An has been my family dentist for a few years now. Honestly, I cannot really remember a time before I visited Dr. An. She is a great dentist who truly cares about her patients inside and outside the realm of dental hygiene. I recently started a job out in SF, and she conveniently has an office located in a great spot! The office is lovely, and is accompanied by who I think are some of the best people in the dental industry. Dr. An takes her time with patients, but is also aware of people’s busy days and will accommodate accordingly. My most recent visit was to take my stitches out from a wisdom tooth extraction; It went by quickly and smoothly. I have yet to find such a caring and considerate dentist who cares as much as Dr. an does. If you’re looking for a dentist and you work in FiDi, I highly recommend Dr. An!

Dr An is the utmost professional! She takes the time to explain the issue and explains preventative measures. If you’re looking for a dentist, she’s the one! I wouldn’t recommend any other.

Darrell T.
Dr. An is a great dentist who truly cares about her patients. I love my check ups, and I learn something new (or reinforce my learned knowledge) every time I visit! Dr. An takes the time to explain everything about my dental hygiene, from how to brush my teeth, to why we need to maintain certain habits. I can trust her recommendations as well. I get a detailed explanation any time I need to have something out of the ordinary done. I recently got X-Rays completed that showed my wisdom teeth were pushing into other teeth. She went into detail on what was going on in the images, and even helped me schedule my appointment to get my wisdom teeth extraction. Definitely swing by Dr. An’s if you’re looking for an amazing family dentist!

Anthony P.
The best examination I’ve ever had! I’ve been here twice so far and the quality of service was amazing! 1st Visit: After June, the manager (SUPER nice!), took my x-rays, Dr. An gave me a thorough rundown of the status of my teeth. Dr. An explained to me what led to the current state of my teeth and gums. She also educated me about how to take care of my teeth from this day forward. Dr. An then proceeded to clean my teeth and now my smile is bright as a shiny penny! 2nd Visit: Dr. An gave me 4 fillings and started the process for getting my nightguard. Regarding the former, the fillings were painless and FAST! Regarding the latter, this was the first time I didn’t gag while getting my nightguard impressions. It was quick and easy. High-quality dental work from the nicest and most caring dentist. That’s as good as it gets, folks.

Julie C.
I can say Dr Angela An did an excellent work and can be trusted. She is very caring as well. She is a good dentist. Also all the assistant like Alice and CC were very caring , frindly and helpful too.I have been her patient for more than ten years now. Definitely recommended.

Damiela B.
I’ve been coming here since I was a child and I’ve continued coming as an adult she’s explained with me on how I can change my bad habits and reducing my chances of having many dental visits everyone in the office is friendly and always working hard together to make sure I was comfortable and getting the treatments I needed they always stayed up to date on new dental equipment I always receive reminders of my appointments and I’m taken care of right away apon arrivals and I’m out of the office in a timely fashion and a toothbrush my time at Dr.An’s office has been great and my problems with my teeth has gotten the attention they’ve need.

Harvey M.
Angela An has been my dentist in San Francisco for over a decade. Her staff is extremely helpful and caring. Unlike some dentists, her staff works directly with my insurance to minimize my inconvenience. As for Angela, she is thoughtful, caring, gentle and knowledgeable. She proactively explains treatment options and helps me prioritize what should be done, and when, with all due consideration to my busy works schedule. I highly recommend her!

Cloud N.
I will be doing this review on behalf of my mother, Guisela. My mother called me as soon as she was done with her appointment and said nothing but great things about Dr. Angela. My mother was there about an joe early and Dr. Angela asked her to come in and get her check up. She was very gentle and very nice. They talked as if they were friends and were catching up. She made my mother feel comfortable and was very helpful. My mother told her what was going on with her life at the moment and Dr. Angela offered her help. My mother left there with a great smile and a friend. Thank you Dr. Angela!

Nathan C.
I’ve lived all around the country and been to many dentists and I was totally impressed with my very first visit with Dr. An. She was extremely thorough with her exam and she took the time to tell me exactly what I needed to do to improve. She told me what I was doing right and some areas to consider. I felt like I was in great hands. I’m excited I now have my dentist in the Bay Area!

Chris D.
Dr. An and her staff June was wonderful and transparent on what needs to be done. Took the time to inform and educate you on the work that is being done. Professional and Friendly. Recommended to anyone that enjoys a great staff and dentist!

Cora C.
I strongly recommend Dr. Angela An to anyone who needs a dentist. For more than 10 years, I have had wonderful experiences at her dental office with excellent staff who offers great services to patients. Dr. An has done excellent work on my teeth and made me feel that I have been well taken care of. I truly value her professional expertise, and I think Dr. Angela An and her team are truly the best!

Ann C.
Dr. An is the best!! She’s friendly, knowledgeable, thorough, thoughtful, honest, accommodating… the list can go on and on but what’s obvious is that she’s caring! My whole family comes here to see Dr. An. She’s great with my kids and I always appreciate how she explains everything she’s doing before she performs the work. She takes her time to answer all our questions. Explains billing and the best course of action Her assistant June is very personable and has great customer service. I love how Dr. An texts me and is just very down to earth! Best dentist we’ve ever had! I highly recommend her!!

Rowland W.
Been coming to Dr An for over 25 years. She’s very attentive & clearly explains everything she does. My 91 yo mom came to Dr An from another dentist & is happy w/Dr An also (she just had a filling replaced.) Dr an speaks Cantonese & Mandarin also. Dr An is patient w/kids, my son was with her till he moved down to San Diego. Try her, u might like her…

Kate S.
Best Dentist I’ve ever had! I move a lot so I am always having to get a new dentist. Dr. Angela is so personal and a great teacher. She explained everything in detail to me and taught me how to prevent problems in the future. By taking time to talk to me she made me so much more passionate about the care of my teeth. I would recommend her to anyone. 5 star care for sure! 🙂 Also her assistant June is wonderful and always full of energy to help pump you up for that dreaded dentist visit!

Kate S.
Best Dentist I’ve ever had! I move a lot so I am always having to get a new dentist. Dr. Angela is so personal and a great teacher. She explained everything in detail to me and taught me how to prevent problems in the future. By taking time to talk to me she made me so much more passionate about the care of my teeth. I would recommend her to anyone. 5 star care for sure! 🙂 Also her assistant June is wonderful and always full of energy to help pump you up for that dreaded dentist visit!

Anna T.
I have been seeing Dr. Angela An for 22 years and I honestly enjoy having her services. Dr. Angela An always welcome me warmly and make me feel right at home. I never have trouble getting an appointment and the experience is positive and consistent from booking through walking out. I value her professional expertise. Her attention to me and service pleasant. I love the way my teeth look. After my appointments with her, I feel absolutely amazing and have truly transformed. I don’t think I would ever go to another dentist or recommend anyone else. Dr. Angela An and her team are truly the best!

Leo B.
Angela An is the BEST dentist in San Francisco. Best care I have experienced and I have been to a lot of different dentists in my time. I have spent the last 20+ years going to Dr. An and she is simply the best! All the staff working for her is also awesome and the best part is that when I come I feel like part of the family! They also do their best to make treatments smart and affordable and give excellent care and attention to the individual. Looking for a dentist…? She is the one!!! Thanks DR An.

Coyote B.
Doctors An and Duan have been my dentists for over a decade. When I am not brushing properly, they remind me. I have had gold crowns put in by Dr. Duan, who is consummate expert in my opinion.